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The Perak Man And Other Prehistoric Skeletons Of Malaysia

perak man 300X450

Tajuk buku: The Perak Man And Other Prehistoric Skeletons Of Malaysia

ISBN: 983-3391-12-5

Nama Penulis: Zuraina Majid

Tahun diterbitkan: 2005

Ketebalan: 30 mm

Berat: 1.65

Sinopsis: "This new volume, which draws attention to the richness of Malaysia's prehistoric part, is of great importance for Southeast Asian and international archaeology and human skeletal biology. The Malay Peninsula lies not only at the border between mainland and island Southeast Asia, but it is also on the route from Asia to Australia and Melanesia. In this sense, it is pivotal to the understanding of the peopling of tropical Asia and the Pacific. This book, with its variety of offerings from leading scholars will be of interest to archaeologists and anthropologists alike, well beyond Malaysia itself ".

Professor Colin Groves, The Australian National University.

"This comprehensive volume on ancient humans in late Pleistocene and Holocene Malaysia, establishes a critical base for future investigations on the topic and will serve as an inspiration to Malaysian and foreign human palaeontologists, archaeologists and other scientists for decades to come.”

Professor Xinzhi WU, Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, Beijing, China.

"Professor Zuraina, herself the discoverer of the renowned Perak Man, and her team of international scientists, have produced a much needed volume on early Homo sapiens, through multidisciplinary studies from hard evidence of osteo archaeological materials excavated in Malaysia. This is a landmark contribution to the population history of Malaysia, and is important to Southeast Asia."

Professor Hisao Baba, Chair, Dept of Anthropology, National Science Museum, Japan.

Harga: RM 140.00