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Postgraduate Programmes

For postgraduate studies, we offer both MA and PhD degrees in Archaeology. We have strong collaboration links with numerous international universities (ASEAN region, Japan, Australia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom) that provide thorough postgraduate training in areas most relevant to our needs.

Graduate Training

CGAR offers both MA and PhD research programmes and involves the completion of a thesis on a particular aspect of Archaeology.

ARC01 - Paleolithic Period in Southeast Asia

ARC02 - Neolithic Culture in Southeast Asia

ARC03 - Metal Age in Southeast Asia

ARC04 - Archaeohistory in Southeast Asia

ARC05 - Ethnoarchaeology in Southeast Asia

Master of Arts (MA)


Full time (12/36 months)

Part time (24/36 months)

Requirements: Possess a good Bachelor's degree in any field, preferably in natural science.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Full time (12/72 months)

Part time (36/96 months)

Requirements: Obtained a Master's degree in archaeology or relevant field or equivalent

Application for admission of MA & PhD are opened throughout the year.

Application forms are available at the Institute of Post-Graduate studies.

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