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Dr. Goh Hsiao Mei

B.A. (Hons) Communication
M.A.  Archaeology
Ph.D. Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management
Email: hmgoh@usm.my
Tel: 04 653 4127
Building: B15
Research Interests:
Public archaeology and heritage management


Hsiao Mei Goh obtained her BA (Hons) in Communication, MA in Archaeology and PhD in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management. She is a faculty member of Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR) and currently heading the Division of Industry and Community Linkage of CGAR. 

Trained as a cave archaeologist, Goh gradually venture into the field of public archaeology and heritage management through her long-term interaction with the public and her growing interest in heritage policymaking. She is particularly interested in bridging the partnership among the stakeholders and promoting community-driven conservation project. Her current work mainly focuses heritage management and investigating the best benchmark for the future delivery of heritage management in Malaysia. 

Apart from her research work, Goh has also been highly involved in heritage education and outreach program. At present, she is leading the Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Project – an archaeological heritage conservation and outreach program fully funded by public community (crowd-funding and public donation). Her work has been featured in numerous research and popular publications and she has wide experience of public speaking to a large audience of both public and professional audiences, such as TEDx Penang. 

Other Professional Activities

Hsiao Mei Goh involves in many heritage consultation projects across the country, covering complex urban developments, rural schemes and infrastructure projects. Her professional experience includes liaising with owners, land managers, local authorities and non-governmental organization to promote site preservation and conservation, as well as seeking and establishing partnership at local, regional, national and international level. Her previous and current involvement in other non-research heritage projects includes the nomination of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lenggong Valley, Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Project (community outreach and education), Old Prangin/Sia Boey Archaeological Project, Sia Boey Public Archaeology Program (a program park under Penang Museum Network), Fort Cornwallis Archaeological Project and etc. She is an accredited mentor for Cultural Heritage Specialist Guides Program (for UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Heritage Site in Malaysia) endorsed by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia and also holding a position as the council member of Penang Heritage Trust (NGOs).



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Other Publications (Selected)

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Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Project (GTHAP) 2015-2016 - Project Leader, Communication and Outreach

This research project is a community-driven project sets to channel local conservation effort into the conservation and management of the Gua Tambun - a prehistoric rock art site located in Gunong Panjang, Tambun, Ipoh. GTHAP is a heritage initiative aiming at, (i) preserving the Tambun Rock Art; (ii) promote public heritage awareness and encourage local involvement, and (iii) empower the local community through local capacity building. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the future delivery of conservation and management of Gua Tambun. (www.tambunrockart.com). This heritage awareness project commences since June 2015 and the project is funded through a public crowd-fund manage by SimplygGiving Malaysia (www.simplygiving.com/gthap). To date, more than 100 local residents of Perak have participated in GTHAP and this project is locally supported by six NGOs in Perak. Additionally, a volunteer program - Tambun Rock Art Rangers has been launched to foster and promote awareness, understanding and appreciation for Tambun Rock Art among the local volunteers for the future sustainable development of Gua Tambun. More info about this project can be accessed here.

The Conservation and Management of Prehistoric Rock Art of Gua Tambun, Malaysia - Principle Researcher, 2016-2017

This research aims to address the contemporary conservation and management issues of prehistoric rock art of Gua Tambun, and make recommendations for the future delivery of the heritage conservation and management in Gua Tambun. The research project sets to conduct a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) to identify all strands of threats which potentially compromise the integrity of Tambun Rock Art and later formulating a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) that conform to the local/Malaysian context for the sustainable use of Gua Tambun and make this CMP as a benchmark for the future delivery of heritage management in other archaeological sites across Malaysia.

Old Prangin Archaeological Project, Penang June 2016 - Dec 2016 - Project Leader 

Old Prangin Archaeological Project (OPAP) is a Penang Development Corporation (PDC) funded project headed by Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR), Universiti Sains Malaysia. OPAP sets to investigate the archaeological and historical importance of Old Prangin (also known as Sia Boey/Komtar Phase IV) and explore a range of historical episodes and cultural activities associated with the site, from archaeological perspective. This archaeological investigation sets to run for six months, between June and December 2016.

The Rescue excavation in Harimau Cave, Lenggong Valley – in collaboration with Department of National Heritage and Universiti Sains Malaysia - 2011: Project Leader

The archaeological survey in the Lenggong Valley in 2010 had fortuitously discovered a Neolithic human burial dated to 5,000 years ago. Further details of this research project can be assessed here.



Teaching & Learning

1). UAW 101/4 – Introduction to Archaeology

Lecture topic:

a) Ancient Monument

b) Cultural (Archaeological) Heritage Management

2). UAW 201/4 – Ascent of Man and Civilisation

Lecture topic:

a) Egyptian Civilization

b) South American Civilization

3) UAW 302/4 – Science in Archaeology

Lecture topic:

a) Archaeological Heritage Management

4) UAW 303/4 – Southeast Asian Archaeology

Lecture topic:

a) Archaeological Tourism of Southeast Asia

b) Heritage Management in Southeast Asia

5) UAW 304/4 – Archaeological Excavation

Lecture topic:

a) Conservation and Management of Archaeological Site


Supervision of Graduate Theses

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