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Mokhtar Saidin

 Mokhtar Saidin

Mokhtar Saidin is the Director of the Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. His education background dates back to 1987 when he obtained my Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Geology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Then, he pursued his studies in Universiti Sains Malaysia where he received my Master’s degree in Archaeology in 1993. Finally, he received my PhD degree in Archaeogeology from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1998.

He have been involved in archaeological works since 1987, working as a Research Officer (1987-1990 & 1993-1994) and a Graduate Assistant (1991-1992) for Projek Arkeologi Malaysia, USM. When the Projek Arkeologi Malaysia was upgraded into the Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia (CARM), USM, he worked as a Graduate Student (1995-1997) and a lecturer from 1997 up until now. CARM was then upgraded into CGAR and he have been appointed as the Director on October 2005. Aside from CGAR,he is also the Vice-President of the Ikatan Ahli Arkeologi Malaysia and the UISPP (SEA). Currently, he have been appointed as a scientific editor for Lithic Studies, UK and editor of Heritage Journal, Malaysia.

He is involved in various research and preservation projects in natural and archaeological heritage such as the Jerai Geopark Promotion and Development (2016), Penang Botanical Garden Archaeological Consultant (2016),  Archaeological Consultant of UEM Sunrise Berhad, Johor (2015), Lengong Valley Dossier Writing for World Heritage Site (2009-2012) and EIA Archaeological Consultant to Petronas Gas Pipeline in Bakun Dam Project in Sarawak (2003) as well as Peninsular Malaysia (1990-1995). He is also a member of various committees such as the head of Jerai Geopark Promotion and Development Committtee (2016), member in “Jawatankuasa Tapak Hutan Simpan Bakau UNESCO Biosfera”, Kedah (since 2015), member in National Geopark Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources (since 2010), member in National Geological Expert Committee of National Heritage Department (since 2009), head of National Archaeological Expert for National Heritage Department since 2009, member in “Jawatankuasa Penilaian Pampasan Objek dan Objek warisan Ketara” for National Heritage Department (2016/17), head of Penang Botanical Garden Archaeological Consultant (2016), head of Archaeological Consultant for UEM Sunrise Berhad, Johor (2015), member of Consultant committee in Lenggong Valley Dossier writing for world heritage site nomination (2009-2012), committee member and researcher of EIA Archaeological Consultants for Bakun Dam Project in Sarawak (2003) and Petronas Gas Pipeline in Peninsula Malaysia (1999-2000).

He have received numerous international, national and university research grants such as USM Programme Pillar 5: Academic & Student Development - World Class Programme in Pakistan (2014) and Classification of Acheh tombstone in Lamuri site, Acheh, Indonesia. His research findings have been published in books, monographs, conference papers, articles, chapters in books, journals, magazines, documentaries and invited talks at international and national levels. 4 PhD and 10 Master’s students have graduated under his supervision. Currently, He is supervising 18 PhD students and 12 Master’s students.

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