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library Info

Our Library location:

Building B10 (Next to PPAG Gallery, B09)

Laboratory & Technical Staff


  Title Name Ext. Email Building
Senior Science Officer C44 Encik Abdul Mutalib Bin Abdullah 5970 amutalib@usm.my B15 
  Senior Science Officer C44 Encik Sairul Bin Ramle 5968 sairul@usm.my B15 
  Research Officer Q41 Encik Ahmad Fadly Bin Jusoh 5969 ahmad_fadly@usm.my B15
Research Officer Q41 Encik Shyeh Sahibul Karamah Bin Masnan 5969 shyehsahibul@usm.my B15
  Research Officer Q41 Encik Ahmad Syahir Zulkipli 4117 syahirzulkipli@usm.my B15
  Research Officer Q41 Puan Noor Hamizah Abu Hassan 5970 hamizahassan@usm.my B09
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Encik Khairul Anuar Safie  4120 khairulanuar@usm.my B15 
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Encik Muhammad Ikhwan Harun  2683  mikhwan@usm.my B15 
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Puan Fathin 'Ismah Roshide  2683  fathin@usm.my B15 


  Title Name Ext. Email Building
  Assistant Engineer J29 Encik Abdul Latif Mohamed Ghazali  3116  abd_latif@usm.my  B10

Public Education

The centre has been actively promoting and creating public archaeological and cultural heritage awareness in Malaysia through newspapers, TV programmes and talk shows, on local and foreign media (The London Times, Asia Week, Discovery Channel, and History Channel), as well as engaging public talks in universities, schools and public groups. New knowledge on Malaysian archaeology is also shared with the public through school textbooks, encyclopedia and archaeological seminars and conferences. Recently, we organized the Festival of Kedah Tua and Kedah Tua International Conference (2016) that have brought forth international researchers to Kedah, which have fostered research interests and generated new links and ideas for joint research. The event also brought the latest findings in Sungai Batu Archaeological Complex back to the local communities, which encourages the cherishment and preservation of our cultural heritage.