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library Info

Our Library location:

Building B10 (Next to PPAG Gallery, B09)

Laboratory & Technical Staff


  Title Name Ext. Email Building
Senior Science Officer C44 Encik Abdul Mutalib Bin Abdullah 5970 amutalib@usm.my B15 
  Senior Science Officer C44 Encik Sairul Bin Ramle 5968 sairul@usm.my B15 
  Research Officer Q41 Encik Ahmad Fadly Bin Jusoh 5969 ahmad_fadly@usm.my B15
  Research Officer Q41 Encik Shyeh Sahibul Karamah Bin Masnan 5969 shyehsahibul@usm.my B15
  Research Officer Q41 Encik Ahmad Syahir Zulkipli 4117 syahirzulkipli@usm.my B15
  Research Officer Q41 Puan Noor Hamizah Abu Hassan 5970 hamizahassan@usm.my B09
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Encik Khairul Anuar Safie  4120 khairulanuar@usm.my B15 
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Encik Muhammad Ikhwan Harun  2683  mikhwan@usm.my B15 
  Assistant Science Officer C29 Puan Fathin 'Ismah Roshide  2683  fathin@usm.my B15 


  Title Name Ext. Email Building
  Assistant Engineer J29 Encik Abdul Latif Mohamed Ghazali  3116  abd_latif@usm.my  B10

Prof. Emeritus Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Komoo

Professor Emeritus
Tel: 04 653 3357
Research Interests:


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